Our hugely successful car draw has been running since June 2001 and has over 11,000 members taking part in the monthly draws for a first prize of a new car, a second prize of €1,000, a third prize of €750, a fourth prize of €500 and a fifth prize of €500. In addition to the normal monthly prizes, we provide further prizes at Christmas and at our May Anniversary Car Draw.

How to Enter

You can enter the draw at anytime throughout the year by simply completing a car draw authorisation form available in any of our offices or from our Downloads section.

Car Draw Entry Fee

The annual entry fee is currently €33 for the full year, beginning of June of every year. Entries throughout the year are deducted pro rata. Once entered you are automatically re-entered every year unless you instruct us otherwise in writing.

The operation of the car draw is financed completely out of the draw entry fee of €33 per year, paid by each entrant. Nothing is paid from general Credit Union funds. The car draw is non – profit making, all entry fees are used for the provision of prizes and the running of the draws. Our Auditors, Hayes Coghlan Doolan carry out an audit of the car draw fund as part of their audit work.

The results of the monthly draws are published on our website, on Facebook and in our annual report. An annual newsletter is sent to all car draw members, updating them on the car draw finances and listing of prize-winners throughout the previous 12 months.

Listed below you will find the cost of entering the car draw at various times during the year. Members can enter the draw any month throughout the year.