Mullingar Credit Union offers a range of financial services to make it easier than ever to manage your money.

Find out more about our convenient range of services by visiting the pages below:

Direct Debits

Find out more about setting up regular incoming lodgements and outgoing payments by Direct Debit.

Credit Transfers (EFT)

Our EFT services allows you to make incoming and outgoing payments on your Credit Union account.

Payroll Deduction Schemes

Deduct funds straight from your wages into your Credit Union account. Find out more.

Debit Card Payments

You can make a payment straight into any Credit Union account with our convenient Debit Card Payments service.

express Lodgement

Find out how you can make quick and easy lodgements in our Mullingar Office.

CU Cash Card

For convenient withdrawals 24/7 apply for our CU Cash Card. Find out more.